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Minecraft [Java]


Minecraft is a new single- and multi- player game (in December 2010 it was still in alpha) -- I would define Minecraft SP (singleplayer) as a combination of Lego, Lemmings (where you control 1 lemming) and Horadric Cube (from Blizzard's Diablo) -- basically in this game you can:
  1. build things (structures, labels, pictures) from various types (colors) of blocks,
  2. mine raw materials (blocks) around the Minecraft world (grab sand, chop trees, mine rocks/coal/...) -- you might feel like a Lemming (I mean basher / miner / digger)
  3. craft items from the collected materials using your workbench (similar to Horadric Cube)
  4. fight monsters (with crafted weapons) during night time
  5. spectate the scenery and/or what you have built during day or night, taking screenshots
There is also a Java applet version of this game (so you can play it within web browser) but this version only allows to do (1), (2) and (5). In multiplayer there are usually no monsters, so you cannot do (4), but in addition you can chat with other players and either help them, or harm them by Griefing, which is not a cool thing to do.

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Griefing logs

Today (2010-12-14) I was a victim of a griefer, so I decided that from now on I will document all non-trivial cases of griefing that concern me. First label level = Minecraft server, second label level = player name.

Last update: 2011-01-30