Pipo-Daleks V 1.50

You can use keyboard or mouse to play ...
    Keyboard :
  • All "number key to direction
  • '0' to teleport
  • '+' to use the sonic screwdriver
    Mouse :
  • Move : Click left button of your mouse
  • Teleport : Click right button or (sift + button)
  • Sonic Screwdriver : middle button or 'ALT and left button (on windows)


Your goal is to change all the robots of this game into a trash heap without being transformed into a trash heap by the robots. These robots are big schmucks and move in your direction constantly: Try to make'em crash into each other! You can move in every direction, teleport at will (not unrisky) and have at each level one (and only one) sonic screwdriver allowing you to destroy all the neighboring robots.

To move, click the left button of your mouse; to teleport, use the right button; to use the sonic screwdriver, click the middle button. If your mouse has only two buttons under XWindow, click these together to emulate the middle button; under Windows, press simultaneously the Alt key and the left mouse button. If your mouse has only one button, throw you Macintosh in the nearest garbage can (You'll thank me later).