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WinSSLWrap [by HoE]

In year 2003 my former school mate HoE (at university) wrote a cool utility providing SSL support for non-SSL clients, mainly IRC clients, so that they can then connect to SSL-enabled servers. I find this utility very useful for those who for some reasons don't want to replace their old client with a new with SSL support...

This is a kind of mirror of HoE's WinSSLWrap web -- http://pftp.suxx.sk/winsslwrap/ , which is not accessible any more, and I haven't found any mirrors on the web...

WinSSLWrap How-To

WinSSLWrap 1.17 binaries
WinSSLWrap 1.17 source
OpenSSL 0.9.7a binaries (get latest binaries)
needed MS Visual Studio 7 DLLs