SSL Setup

WinSSLWrap 1.0x setup  

1. Copy libeay32.dll and ssleay32.dll to your \system32 dir (usually c:\winnt\system32 or c:\windows\system32)
2. Copy wrap.exe and winsslcrap.pem to c:\program files\SSLWrap (make the dir first...)
3. Make a shortcut to wrap.exe on your desktop, and start it.
4. Click on "Services". In the the popup, click "Add".
5. Copy the page on the screenshot

wrap.exe must ALWAYS be running in order to use SSL
Also make sure to ENABLE the service :)


FlashFXP setup


1. Start FlashFXP and hit F6 (Configuration of FlashFXP)
. In the "Proxy/Firewall/Ident"-tab, use the settings from screenshot


mIRC setup
1. Install WinSSLWrap 1.0x (see above) and use settings from Screenshot 1
2. Add a new server in mIRC with settings from screenshot 2
Screenshot 1
Screenshot 2

Files you'll need can be found here:

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